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About Japan Heavy Export

ASKB – Bridging Worlds

ASKB is a Join Stock Co specialized in trading used construction equipment and machinery. ASKB was founded in June 13, 2017 with its headquarters in Shinohara-cho, Kanagawa, Japan and an agency in Shin-Yokohama in Kanagawa. In term of investment, with the experiences of 40 years in trading used construction equipment and machinery, ASKB’s CEO Aida Masayuki and his team has raised up the investment up to ¥20,000,000 focusing mainly on essential products such as:

  • Crawler crane
  • Rougher crane
  • Earth drill
  • Hammer
  • Box piler

Our company’s markets are varied from South East Asia such as Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, etc. to South Central Asia such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc.

ASKB guarantees to provide to our customers the finest products that we have committed on our advertisement.

Japan Heavy Export
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